Theatre & Cinema

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Key West’s rich and exciting culture would not be complete without our local theater scene.  You can experience classic plays and original works in comedy, drama and music at the playhouse of your choice.

The Red Barn Theater has become a cultural cornerstone for the Key West community while building a national reputation for creating BIG shows in a small space.  The Waterfront Playhouse is the oldest continually running theater group in Florida and has developed a well known reputation for showcasing the most talented actors, directors and other theater professionals in South Florida.

If live theater is not your thing, The Tropic Cinema on Eaton just off Duval Street plays the most popular current movies as well as some lesser known award-winning independent films.  Try items from their delicious snack bar which also includes a selection of beer and wine.

  • 1001 Von Phister St. Key West, FL
  • Cell: (305) 849-3437